I'm Kimia! An illustrator, printmaker, painter, sculptor, and designer based in Toronto. My preferred materials are relief printing, watercolour, gouache, papercut, and all the craziness that is mixed media collage. Everything I see, I wanna try! I'm currently experimenting with 2D animation. I do what feels right for the piece and love to experiment with new media. 

Colour: Yellow Ocher 

Food: Pho (if you don't agree you just haven't had good pho)

Season: Autumn

Pets: A tabby cat named Marcelle :) 

Past-time: Cooking, watching all the documentaries, and having picnics when it's still too cold outside

Collection:  I collect teacups from old ladies

Random: Sometimes I feel the urge to make scary clay people

Dream Project: New Yorker cover 

Strength: Strong concepts and time management 

Weakness: Overthinking and worrying 

What else? Just ask!

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